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Diving Deep into the Vehicle Wraps Process: Retro Stripes Edition

At No Dinx, we recently embarked on a nostalgic and exciting project: wrapping our staff member Brian's 2021 Toyota 4Runner in retro stripes! Following the recent purchase of his 4Runner, it wasn't long before the inevitable question arose: “So, what are you going to mod first?” For Brian, the answer was clear. After upgrading the stereo, his first major modification had to be a custom wrap from our very own No Dinx Wraps shop.

Brian began his design journey by researching various retro decals online but nothing seemed to hit home for him. After consulting with Corey, the owner of No Dinx Wraps, Corey shared a story from the '80s when he and his wife owned a 1981 Toyota SR5 Pickup with a super cool paint scheme. This inspired the perfect design for Brian's vehicle.

“I was like, that’s absolutely it,” Brain said, “with Corey’s guidance, the graphic designers, and the sign shop guys all in on the process, we brought it to life.”

Combining the original color of his car, and the application of a partial on the front half Maddy, the project's lead designer, was able to change the entire look of the vehicle. 

With an idea in hand, Maddy organized Brian’s ideas into a cohesive plan. After mapping out the design onto Brian’s car, with his approval, she sent it down to the wraps shop and our guys got to work right away. The ascension of responsibility from team members ordering the vinyl, to the designer, the printing, all the way down to the application, our team got it underway in three days. 

“The most challenging part of this wrap was getting the stripes straight on the car,” explained Adam, our Sign Shop manager, “we pretty much had to dismantle the entire front half of the car.” 

“Our Wraps technicians are so thorough and detailed with all the cars they work on,” Brian exclaims, “you should see the detail and perfection on these door handles.” 

The difficulty with patterned car vinyl lies in the expertise of the application. When applying patterned car vinyl wraps, the process involves several steps to ensure that the images are not distorted when the vinyl is heated and applied to the vehicle. The technicians spend ample time in the aligning process, and troubleshooting each unique design with sometimes its own unique process. 

Now Brian explains the surge in attention this unique design pulls on the road. 

“I’ve got other Toyota owners pulling up next to me and scoping it out,” he explained, “it starts a lot of conversations and people love to ask me about it.” So much so he says that he had our designers create him a custom QR code sticker for the back of his car, routing users directly to the No Dinx Wraps website.

“What Corey suggested, nobody else had,” he laughed, “the designers mapped out exactly what I wanted and made it look easy.” He says now that he washes his car every other week, joyous to drive to work the days between. He explains how deep the inspiration instilled a newfound joy for his car. 

“It’s such a neat way to imbue your car with your personal style, and I totally took inspiration,” He chuckles, “but in doing so, I really am the only one who has anything like it!” The process and excitement have reigned supreme for Brian since his car was finished.

“They just took my design and saw so much more in it, and to say I was beyond thrilled is an understatement.”

If you're ready to start your wraps journey, reach out to us here.


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